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-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Very much interesting topic for all of you. Read it very carefully. WE ARE GIVING AWAY PHONE RECHARGE CREDITS TO YOU, DONT MISS THE CHANCE, WIN UPTO 1000RS/month.
12-10-09 - 02:09:42
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): For every week
play santa game to win free recharge. *
12-10-09 - 02:37:03
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Few Constraints are: 1.You have to have one valid indian mobile number to claim the prize money as FREE RECHARGE! Currently we are not providing for other countries but soon it will be added. So Non-Indians, dont get disheartened! 2.You should have atleast 60rs in your account before you can actually use them as free recharge! 3. Currently the given operator is supported-Airtel, VodaPhone, Reliance, Tata Indicom, AIRCEL, BSNL. Also You can use your win credits to be a PLATINUM MEMBER too. *
12-10-09 - 02:42:54
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): 4.You cannot ask for cash/cheque/DD 0r any other instrument.The prize money you will get in form of your mobile recharge. Service tax, Operator charges extra will be deducted from you! 5. You cannot use personal computer 0r laptop to enter the quiz! You need to have a mobile without opera browser. 6. If you fail to give an indian mobile number with the above said operator name, Your prize money will not be given else it will be credited to your account untill you give us an indian mobile number. *
12-10-09 - 02:48:16
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): 7. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions 0r reduce the prize money at any point we like without giving prior notice to you. You are requested to keep a look at this topic. 8. No dispute will be entertained at chat room, if we find you doing that, you will be kicked for the day. Under all circumtances decision of the quiz master will be final. // demo quiz will be held on 15th october. please be present and if you have problem please post it here *
12-10-09 - 02:54:53

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