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-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Well MarianaWorld Santa is fed up and decided to give up. But still he will do as much as he can, but after talking to him, i have got one plan
20-12-09 - 10:32:26
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Santa Is fed Up and really feeling sorry, as he can not manage to give out all the gifts to you. so He talk with me and we have decided that, i will let you in to his house and you must pick up your box of gift. There is a slight problem as he kept 6 identical box and only one of the box has got that gift, and he is confused which one it is. You need to find that out and click on that to cliam your prize *
20-12-09 - 10:32:45
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Your prize will be 5 battle points but cost to play is 2 chat post when you win and 1 chat post when you dont get that gift. Santa told me to keep the deduction less during when someone doesn't get the prize. So i kept his words and you need to pay one chat posts if you dont figure out the right gift but it will costs 2 chat posts if you get the gift. So more you play, more you get gift from him.
Santa Game Results *
20-12-09 - 10:33:34
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Thanks to him that he allow you in his room to pick the gift.In addition, the topper will get 35INR(Indian Rupees) as free recharge credited to his account, rest six will get 30,25,20,15,10,5 INR(Indian Rupees) respectively as showing the names there
To Play, click on wml version(Main Page)->games->santa. ONLY AVAILABLE IN WML xhtml support will be shortly introduced *
20-12-09 - 10:33:45
-4321aslam (Hard Core Lover): Nice game *
20-12-09 - 12:05:23

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