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-1nagz (Mariana Freak): if u wana leran many languages then try learning it during ur child hood...which is impossible ryt now for u ol...i said this because..wen u learn many languages wen ur young...ur brain creates jus one center for all those languages...but if u try to learn a new languagae now..ur brain will try to create another center...apart from the old center..this creation will take a long learning new languages during childhood is easeir then now... *
28-11-10 - 08:44:23
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): Adding garlic in ur diet might b useful because garlic cn reduce fat in our body so those who r fat u cn use this tip. *
30-11-10 - 01:39:04
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): Alcohol....its very important for our body..every day if we consume little amount of alcohol it will b help useful in reducing cholesterol n heart problems..alcohol increaes those substance in body which carry fat from various part of body n delivers it to liver were the cholesterol is destroyed...but usually wt happens is people take alcohol in large amount n finally liver will be destroyed...because of which the fat will not b destroyed... *
30-11-10 - 01:50:46
-21moazka2 (Love Geek): .nice. *
19-12-10 - 05:31:25
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): when ur happy something called endorphins r released in ur brain.. which makes u feel so good.. its natural cocaine.. directly into ur brain... my last post of the year here... happy new year.. b happy all *
30-12-10 - 21:32:34

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