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-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): I am creating this topic for our member tijana. She is very interested with ten-hand durga(a hindu goddess). She asked why she has 10 hands. Before i start you should know that Durga is the wife of Shiva and she has many forms. I will give you the short history. She worshipped Lord Shiva(a supreme Hindu God) just to marry him. After marriage, her dad(name i forgot) got angry and was against this relationship. Because according to her father Lord Shiva is a bad guy, he used to live in burning....
16-08-08 - 10:34:02
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): .... grounds and used to take ganja(a form of drugs). So once when durga came to her own house, his father compelled her to get burned. Then she died and after that Lord Shiva got mad and took the dead body of Durga into his shoulder and just got crazy. So another Supreme God named Lord Krishna, used his Sudharsan Chakkra(the daddy of all other weapon :D) and made 108 parts of Durga. We beileve that those part have fallen on Earth and mostly in INDIA. And after that Lord Shiva Got calmed down. *
16-08-08 - 10:34:20
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Enough of history, now comes the 10 hand parts. One evil worshipped Brahma(the last one of 3 supreme Power) and took blessing that none(means no man, or animals) can kill him. That evil named as Mahishasur who can transform into many forms(man, animal) is a so moron he didnt took the blessing that a gal cant kill him. he thought a gal too be weak.So now most of the gods are man, so none(like Lord Shiva,Krishna, Brahma) and other 33 crores God(eg god of sun, water, earth, wind, heart etc.)... *
16-08-08 - 10:40:46
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): ... couldnt defeat that evil and he got too powerful and even attacked god, so then comes Durga. She was blessed by all god with their weapon and thus extending her 2 hands to 10 hands. Ultimately that evil was killed by her. *
16-08-08 - 10:41:39
-21deleted (Mariana Lover): Nice story there dl.Can i put my points and simple explainations here(though i already sent tijana 1 pm about it and c liked the reply) *
16-08-08 - 10:59:48

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