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-Certified4321saawariya (True Core Lover): Do u blv in rebirth wat we call punar janam ere in india. Feel free to post
08-09-08 - 23:40:35
-Certified4321saawariya (True Core Lover): .yes. I blv coz dis lyf isn't sufficnt 4 me to enjy my lyf. So m bound to blv. *
08-09-08 - 23:43:10
-1sushi (Practice Mode): I also believe in it but dont know, it really exists or not. *
08-09-08 - 23:50:02
-Certified4321saawariya (True Core Lover): Wat u (joke) if u blv sus dan thr's no Q of existenz.wink. *
09-09-08 - 00:06:38
-1sushi (Practice Mode): Saajan, u must know that, beliefs are not always true. Beliefs are personal thought. It may exists or may be not. *
09-09-08 - 00:08:47

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