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-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): Clearly as the name topic suggests, now users can apply certification from marianaworld shop. Please read the following posts before applying.
09-09-08 - 12:05:52
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): For applying towards marianaworld certification, you have to fulfill certain norms. 1st: you need to have a valid email id 2nd: You need to have minimum 500plus 3. You need to have recognitions from atleast two of MarianaWORLD staffs. This certificate will allow others to know that you are not a fraud and a better person than others. It's not mandatory for everyone. For every user the certification costs 200plus. So you need to have 700plus to apply for this certification. *
09-09-08 - 15:06:18
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): For medal you need to have a certification and your mobile phone number verified. 250plus is one time processing fee. You will be also required to maintain 500plus in your account. You can purchase/apply these from shop. In case of certificate/medal, after successful verification, the certificate/medal will be shown in your profile *
09-09-08 - 15:09:50
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): How can i verify my mobile number? *
09-09-08 - 15:21:56
-Medal1514131211Dark_Lord (Administrator!): To verify your mobile phone, just goto cpanel-set extended settings-my address and then submit all the info leaving the phone number, After adding all info, goto same place and you will find phone field enabled. finally Submit your phone number and then send the code as said to the phone number.INstruction are all given *
10-09-08 - 01:00:29

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