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-1sushi (Practice Mode): Ya friends, tell me about it. Does god listen to our prayers everytime? Does they fulfil our every wish?
10-09-08 - 08:26:50
-1sushi (Practice Mode): No. I dont think that god helps us always. Sometimes, we have to do the things by ourselves. When god thinks, we need their help then they help us. *
10-09-08 - 08:28:53
-Certified1514131211jackwilson (True Core Lover): He never helps me . . never. . -cry2- *
10-09-08 - 08:35:03
-1sushi (Practice Mode): It means u never believed in god.@jack. *
10-09-08 - 08:37:50
-Certified1514131211jackwilson (True Core Lover): i believed but not now. . always he keeps me far 4m him. *
10-09-08 - 08:39:29

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