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-1nagz (Mariana Freak): Human brain needs continues supply of blood till d person is alive. If human is not supplied with oxygen containing blood for 4mints d person vil die. If some part of the brain does'nt receive proper amount of blood then some parts of body may get paralysed.
09-01-10 - 14:02:03
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): Do u knw....??? When u take deep breath ur heart also increases.. if u have not noticed then check out today. *
09-01-10 - 14:03:59
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): Even if heart is cut into small small pieces each small piece has the ability to generate electrical impulse for certain time. *
11-01-10 - 11:52:17
-1nagz (Mariana Freak): If half part of the kidney 0r the liver is taken out from body then our body repair mechanism has the ability to reproduce the lost half part by various process. *
11-01-10 - 11:55:13
-1joeboy (True Lover): Wow you are good nice stuff *
18-01-10 - 21:59:46

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