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-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): Just Read out This Article!!!!!!!!!!
12-01-11 - 03:54:08
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): Global warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing world leaders. On the one hand, warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder, as an increasing body of science points to rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases - produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and forests. *
12-01-11 - 03:55:18
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): On the other, the technological, economic and political issues that have to be resolved before a concerted worldwide effort to reduce emissions can begin have gotten no simpler, particularly in the face of a global economic slowdown. *
12-01-11 - 03:56:30
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): Global talks on climate change opened in CancĂșn, Mexico, in late 2010 with the toughest issues unresolved, and the conference produced modest agreements. But while the measures adopted in CancĂșn are likely to have scant near-term impact on the warming of the planet, the international process for dealing with the issue got a significant vote of confidence. *
12-01-11 - 03:57:07
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): The agreement fell well short of the broad changes scientists say are needed to avoid dangerous climate change in coming decades. But it laid the groundwork for stronger measures in the future, if nations are able to overcome the emotional arguments that have crippled climate change negotiations in recent years. *
12-01-11 - 03:57:59

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