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-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): How good is Indian education system? The article discusses the current education scenario in India, public expenditure on education, need of the hour to reform the system and the true role of education in nation building.
12-01-11 - 09:32:19
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): "TELL ME the books you read and I will tell your character", goes the saying. *
12-01-11 - 09:34:33
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): However, education is not just about reading books 0r garnering knowledge. Books are a means to education, and education is a means to knowledge, neither implying an end in itself. *
12-01-11 - 09:35:30
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): Education is the pragmatic application of knowledge for the betterment of people, society, and self. *
12-01-11 - 09:36:25
-1514131211sonunigam (Practice Mode): Education sustains our present and insures our future. Unfortunately, the education scenario in India is very disturbing. The 'EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010' (UNESCO), ranks India 105 among 128 countries, and it continues to figure alongside a cluster of African and a couple of Asian countries, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the group of countries with a low educational development index (EDI). *
12-01-11 - 09:38:14

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